My rugs begin with an inspiration.

Either a geometric motif or a tickle of color-blend that I notice somewhere in my world. I graph out a design, next comes picking the fabrics.

I study how the textures and color relate, how the printed images make patterns. I tweak and blend until the colors speak to the geometric shapes and vice versa. Until together they dance and sing.

I borrow from the rag rug tradition where strips of many varied cotton fabrics (prints, solids, checks, and textures) -- the weft -- are woven row by row to achieve evocative color striations. The hand-manipulated tapestry technique allows me to join one fabric strip next to another and as the rows and color sections progress, shapes - stars, leaves, hearts, flowers and diamonds - emerge. Although time consuming, the process is fun and satisfying.

For the warp (the cords that hold the weaving design together) I use a strong, cabled cotton, whose colors I select to blend with the weft fabrics. My weaving differs from traditional tapestry in that I leave this warp exposed, resulting in a lively, rich, and complex color statement in each of my rugs.

My wool rugs are woven in carefully blended colors o f wool rug yarn on a linen warp. Please inquire, they are works in process.


My hand woven rugs combine the lively color fields of rag rugs with the geometric possibilities of tapestry.