Workshops at the Studio


The Location

The studio is located in the coastal town of Waldoboro, about 1 and half hours north of Portland, Maine. We are nestled between two fields bordered with magnificent old oak trees along with a few evergreens and a collection of crabapples I planted years ago. You may be lucky enough to be here when the lavender - all 130 plants - in the front yard is in full bloom. The sound of the honey bees and the bumblebees will make your heart smile.

Behind the studio is a modest vegetable garden full of the usual plants and a handful of weird things. It is fun to find out how well they will grow. Pollinator plants such as curly leaf mullein, echinaceas, and daisies grow amongst the vegetables. I also plant a handful of dye plants like indigo, weld, woad, and calendula. There is a walnut tree at my neighbors so I have a few babies - thanks to the squirrels, who also leave piles of chewed walnut hulls for me to use for dye. Everything is symbiotic here.

House 2008.JPG

Inside the Studio

Currently there are 6 looms in my loom studio. 4 looms available for workshop students and the large 10 and 12 foot looms where I weave larger rugs. Small frame looms hang on pegs on the walls. Yarn is all over the place. It is not exactly tidy, though I make an effort.

I invite you to be inspired and productive. The classes are relaxed and students are encouraged to work at their own pace. I teach the basic fundamentals of rug weaving with fabric, offer support, and if everyone in class is busy weaving on their own then I work on my own projects in the studio alongside them.

Finishing techniques are also taught.  I structure the classes as if we are both interior designer and student, meaning the student tells me their color inspiration and requirements and I turn that into a fabric swatch board that they approve before class. I prepare the looms with warp that is color coordinated with the student’s fabric, and prepare the weft fabric.

The 2-day workshop is plain weave focusing on color blending and stripes. In addition, the 3-day workshop includes two basic tapestry stitches that will become the geometric design of the rug.


The Workshop

The first day we will begin at 10am and work until 5 or 6pm. The second (and third) day we start at 9am and usually work until 6pm. We gather for lunch in my sunroom/dining room or outside on the patio (weather permitting) for a delicious and nutritious homemade lunch with as many locally sourced products as possible - sometimes from my own garden. Snacks and tea are available throughout the day.

The dates and fees are listed below. Payment is required in advance and with registration. Please email me for a registration form and to check availability of class dates.  If you need housing there are several comfortable places to stay in Waldoboro and options will be listed when you receive your registration form.

Please email me if you have any questions or special requests. 



Upcoming Workshops